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About Us

During the years 1981 - 1990, OOW engaged primarily in buying and selling military firearms, parts and accessories in the commercial market. Qualified employees and manufacturing machinery were added which facilitated the development of a repair department and the ability to build small orders of firearms from scratch for the commercial market.

Beginning in 1990, OOW began manufacturing firearms and ordnance for supply to different foreign and domestic government agencies. This capacity has expanded steadily over the years due to a wide base of weapon system knowledge, qualified personnel, state of the art machinery, new technology, and a commitment to excellence in both products and service.

Some notable customers include:

The United States Department of State
The Department of Homeland Security
The United States Department of Energy
The United States Army
The United States Marine Corps
The United States Navy
The United States Air Force
British Aero-Space
Weapon Simulation Companies for Foreign and Domestic Military Training
Private Security and Tactical Training Companies
Various U.S. Department of State/NATO Approved Foreign Countries

Product History

Over the past 20 years, OOW developed and patented its own line of semi-automatic firearms and related accessories. These firearms include the 1918A3-SLR, M240-SLR, and the VZ 2000. This process led to the formation of our own Engineering and Quality Assurance Inspection departments.

OOW Today

An ISO9001:2008 certified company, OOW has a work force of 40+ employees who work within the company's extensive manufacturing, assembly and engineering  30,000 square foot facility located on 5+ acres in Chardon, Ohio. Our knowledgeable staff offers a combined 100 plus years experience. Ohio Ordnance Works, Inc. is your full service resource for all facets of the firearms industry.  Our company is fully licensed to accommodate all aspects of firearms manufacturing, sales, and distribution of any ordnance commodity both domestic and overseas.