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3rd Party Transfer of NFA Item

Transfer Fees per Item

·  Transfer of Silencer/Suppressor, Short Barreled Rifle, Short Barreled Shotgun, and/or Destructive Device per Item $100.00

·  Machine Gun per Item $150.00

·  PLUS $200.00 Transfer Tax per item

Please contact us and speak to our compliance department to provide all information for the transfer you would like us to handle for you.When you purchase a NFA weapon from a person or dealer out of Ohio you can have the firearms transferred to our Federal Firearms License (FFL).

 Here are the steps to do so:

· Contact us and we will send via fax, mail or email our current FFL to the Transferor

· They will transfer the NFA item to our license

· It is the responsibility of the 3rd party to notify us of any changes, cancellations or delays

· Once the NFA weapon arrives we will contact you to start the Form 4 transfer

· We will type up all the necessary paperwork and mail the packet to you to be completed and returned along with the payment.

· The fee and transfer tax must be paid before we mail the Forms to ATF.

·  If ATF does not approve your Form 4, the transfer fee is NON REFUNDABLE and you will be responsible for the additional transfer fee to return the item to the transferor and the shipping cost to send the NFA item back to them

· We will review all Forms to ensure they have been completed properly and we will mail them to the BATF NFA Branch.

· Once your transfer has been approved, we will contact you to schedule a time to pick up the firearm and complete the 4473. You will need to bring a valid driver’s license to complete this step.

· Please note that we do not inspect, test or ensure safety of NFA items that are 3rd party transfers.

· If you would like us to inspect or test your NFA Weapon while it is in our inventory awaiting the Form 4 approval you can request that in writing and we will perform this at rate of $85.00 an hour.