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Ohio Ordnance Works, Inc. (OOW) is a fully licensed and operational firearms manufacturing facility in Northeast Ohio. Our full in-house capability, high quality standards and strict adherence to manufacturing guidelines have made us an industry leader. We produce some of the finest exclusive products in the world.

From our 1918A3 Browning SLR (Semi-Automatic) and M240 SLR (Semi-Automatic) to our exclusive linkers and gages, Ohio Ordnance uses state of the art machining techniques to deliver quality products to our customers with short lead times. All without neglecting the excellence that has made a leader in the firearms industry. Attention to detail is what we demand, and cost reduction solutions are what we strive toward.

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OOW is proud to offer a full service repair division. We specialize in the repair of past and current military small arms up to, and including the M2.50 caliber machine gun. We supply new MIL spec, new old stock and Grades A and B used parts. OOW can also manufacture some of those hard to find parts!

When received, all weapons are inspected according to our ISO 9001:2008 standards, and then repair/rebuild is quoted to the customer at $87.63/hour plus the cost of necessary replacement parts. The customer is contacted to authorize the repair, and the required work is performed. The weapon is test fired to verify correct function of the repaired weapon. No work is performed without express customer approval. The weapon is then cleaned and final inspected to ensure that all problems have been addressed properly. Every weapon that comes into our facility leaves in complete working order.

All repairs come with a One-Year Guarantee on parts and labor, excluding any and all customer modifications or repair attempts, as well as the use of bad or incorrect ammunition. We do not sell ammunition with the weapon and cannot be held responsible for damage due to faulty or incorrect ammunition.

Some of the services provided:

  • TIG and MIG welding
  • Turning and Threading
  • Milling
  • Tempering and Heat Treating
  • Magnaflux INspection for cracks and defects
  • Refinishing (Parkerizing, Black Oxide, Blueing)
  • Gaging and Headspacing
  • Test Fire

Related closely to our repair department, our refurbishment processes follow guidelines prescribed by our strict ISO 9001:2008 standards. If your weapons are beyond military or safety standards, our armorers will check each spring and rivet to ensure that you are getting the most reliable and best looking firearms on the range.
Some of the services provided:
  • Refinishing
  • Gaging
  • Welding
  • Replacing critical parts (i.e. trunnions, barrels, etc.)
  • Re-activations (registered De-Watts and Dealer Samples only)
  • Sub-Caliber conversions
  • Tempering and Heat-Treating

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